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Viptools APK is a perfect option for those users who want to gain unlimited number of real TikTok followers and likes without login.

As you know, TikTok is gaining more appeal as the most ideal social media platform for uploading creative short videos. 

Its user base continues to grow across the world mainly because of the dominance of trends like dancing challenges for popular hits. 

If you are a short video creator looking to significantly increase the number of views and likes for your videos, then you certainly need a third-party app like viptools APK. 

With this application, you will watch your TikTok account grow from scratch.

Unlike other social media networks that are essentially built interactions between people who know each other, TikTok content needs to be optimized to gain popularity. 

So, getting a considerably high number of real followers to viewlike, and comment on your short videos can be quite challenging. 

However, with viptools APK, growing your TikTok account and having your videos go viral within a short period is made a whole easier.

Millions of other people are already using Viptools APK to increase followers and views for their videos. 

Those who have used the app claim that it is 100% effective in terms of delivery of the expected results. 

It means that it has proved to be the ideal application for increasing followers and views instantly and without hitches. It is a user-friendly application that anyone can use anywhere with a lot of ease. 

In addition to being user-friendly, it has top-notch features that allow users to grow their TikTok accounts free of charge and within the shortest time possible.

What is Viptools APK?

Viptools is a third-party android application and an effective tool for helping TikTok users to get unlimited followers, hearts, likes, and comments on their accounts. 

It is quite popular since it is a free app yet very useful. It provides creators of short videos with an opportunity to gain celebrity status without much effort. 

It is quite an amazing application where you will get secure and safe services, which is not a guarantee in many other apps.

Whether your TikTok account is mature enough or has enough following, you can still use this application to attract more attention for your videos. 

Since it is a lightweight application, it does not consume a lot of space for your phone and is compatible with all android devices. 

It is free of charge, so you will not need to part with a single penny to enjoy the service. Your account will not be at risk of suspension as long as you follow the steps as outlined in the viptools es application.

You need to download and install the latest version of viptools APK from the below link, then select the hearts, comment hearts, followers, and shares and views depending on your needs. 

You will then be prompted to paste the URL of your video or username for your TikTok account. 

The application will search your video or account and send the views, followers, hearts, comments, and likes to your TikTok account. 

If you wish to overcome the 30 minutes use interval limit, you can use an external VPN to bypass this policy.

Benefits of Viptools APK?

With this application, you stand a chance to get unlimited followers, views, hearts, and likes to your account. 

You get exposure and visibility for your videos without much struggle. Viptools APK is free of charge, so it provides you with all the features at no cost. Besides, the services of this application are authentic. 

In addition, there is no requirement to log in to your TikTok account in order to enjoy this service. You can send followers, likes, hearts, and views to your account through the username.

The followers, likes, hearts, and views that this application sends to your application are authentic. 

In essence, you get an opportunity to become famous as the followers you get will help your videos go viral in the future. 

The more likes your videos get, the easier it becomes to even popularize a product or a service through your account.

Is Viptools APK Safe?

Compared to other third-party applications, viptools android apk is considerably safe.

It does not keep logs of the user since you are not required to create an account to get followers, comments, or likes. 

You directly fetch these services without creating an account.

However, being a third-party account, you should use it with caution to avoid running the risk of having your TikTok account suspended.

Details and Requirements of Viptools APK?

Application NameViptools
Cost100% FREE
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
Requires Android4.1 and Up
FormatAPK File
Star Rating4.5 Rating
Offered ByVipTools Plus

How To Download Viptools APK For Android [FREE]?

1First of all, click on the Download Now button to download latest viptools apk for android.

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How To Get [Unlimited Real Fans + Hearts] On TikTok Account??

1First of all, open the download application. After opening, such an interface will open in front of you.

Now you have to put the above-mentioned text in the given field, as we entered.

After entering the text, click on the Submit button.

2After that, all the TikTok services will open, now you have to choose a service you want to use.

After selecting, click on the USE button.

Viptools Likes
3If you selected TikTok hearts/likes, then application will ask you for a TikTok URL on which you want to increase hearts/likes.

After submitting the video URL, just click on the Search button.

Enter TikTok Video URL
4Once your submitted video will open in front of you, confirm whether it is yours or not.

After confirmation, click on the Send Hearts button.

Send Hearts
5Once you click on the send button, hearts will instantly start receiving to your submitted video.

Hearts Successfully Sent


If you are looking to get unlimited followers and likes on your TikTok videos, then viptools app is the most ideal platform for you.

The application is being used by millions of users, and they are already getting positive results.

So, all you need is to download the latest version of viptools, and you are guaranteed of growing your TikTok account to higher levels.

The greatest advantage of using this app is that the followers, likes, hearts, and views you get are original.

Thus, when you use it today, you will astonish your friends with a considerably high number of likes for your videos.

We hope you will like today’s article. If you see any issue while downloading and using today’s application, please get in touch with us, and we will resolve the matter as soon as possible.